Future bride always plans bridesmaid dresses while preparing for her own wedding. Bridesmaid dresses and best man costumes make a huge impact on the general wedding impression and festive mood. Men are usually not that strict as women so they choose costumes really quick. Women start thinking of what to wear as they want to be the most charming and exceptional. Bridesmaids are invited by a bride therefore their dresses must go with the bride’s in order to create the united view.

Fashion changes very rapidly. Bridesmaid dresses are no exception as well. But only the most important fashion rule exists in the wedding- there are no rules. Bridesmaid dresses can be very luxurious, modest, extravagant, classical or playful. In the first place, everything depends upon the bride and groom wishes. Some want deep pink bridesmaid dresses, others prefer luxurious and noble Hollywood style bridesmaid dresses while the other part wants romantic and light bridesmaid dresses. The other thing you have to pay attention to while choosing bridesmaid dresses is the place, time, style, weather of the party and the number of guests.

Wedding day belongs to the young couple consequently the bridesmaid dresses shouldn’t overshadow bride’s dress. When choosing a bridesmaid dress on your own it is better consulting with the bride first to see what aspects of the dresses she wants to match in general picture. Usually there is more that just one bridesmaid at the wedding so bridesmaid dresses should not be the same just combined with each other.

Our salon offers not to be afraid of originality but also not to forget comfort. According to your wishes we will help you choose not only wedding dresses but also bridesmaid dresses which reveal figure pluses and hide minuses and let you feel gorgeous and comfortable all party long.

The good mood of guests and the young couple is the most important thing for a good wedding.That is what everyone remembers after many years when celebrating silver or golden wedding anniversary.